ICT Solutions


ICT Solutions

ICT solutions in the broadest sense of the word can be found at Global ICT Europe. You can contact us for a variety of IT solutions. At Global ICT Europe you can rely on the efforts of specialists who think with you. Our services focus on all businesses from small to large, which we always offer the ideal IT solution.

Your advantage of enabling Global ICT Europe will be immediately noticeable. So you not only benefit from our specialist knowledge in the field of IT solutions, but you can find us at all under one roof. You do not need to make use of the services of different companies as Global ICT Europe is waiting for you. We provide the best IT solutions and are happy to talk with you about your IT issues specific to fill.

Please feel free to contact Global ICT Europe. We are happy to help you.

An example of Global ICT Europe services and Benefits

Maintenance and management; Every week, producers of software updates, fixes and patches. These are significant changes to the installed software that errors can solve or prevent . These updates should be to maintain to keep a stable network environment. Global ICT Europe make sure that the latest updates ( tested ) are provided periodically to the network. During this maintenance can also be updated virus scanners and minor faults or changes are made .

Benefits of periodic maintenance and management:

  • No more worries about automation problems.
  • Always just one point.
  • Direct action when problems arise.
  • Low management costs
  • No problems about the details during the absence of your own ICT occupation.
  • You can focus entirely on the work that you are good. Global ICT Europe delivers the ICT resources.
  • You can leave the technical discussions with software vendors do the professionals of IT Security Solutions.

IT Services

We make complex technologies simple for you, our services can be devided into:

  • 5ujvpA6Cloud computing
  • 5ujvpA6Office 365 solutions
  • 5ujvpA6VOIP solutions
  • 5ujvpA6Planning small to large IT Infrastructure
  • 5ujvpA6Preparing
  • 5ujvpA6Configuring
  • 5ujvpA6Installing hardware
  • 5ujvpA6Installing/upgrading/removing software
  • 5ujvpA6Maintenance and management
  • 5ujvpA6Monitoring
  • 5ujvpA6Migration
  • 5ujvpA6Backups and archives
  • 5ujvpA6Trouble-shooting with plan B
  • 5ujvpA6Maintaining local documentation
  • 5ujvpA6Remote and/or Onsite support
  • 5ujvpA6Business in proactive