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We make complex technologies simple for you, our services can be devided into:

  • 5ujvpA6ICT Solutions
  • 5ujvpA6ICT Security
  • 5ujvpA6ICT Management
  • 5ujvpA6Cloud computing
  • 5ujvpA6Office 365 solutions
  • 5ujvpA6VOIP solutions
  • 5ujvpA6Network migration
  • 5ujvpA6Wireless solutions
  • 5ujvpA6Storage and backup
  • 5ujvpA6Remote management & maintenance
  • 5ujvpA6Onsite management & maintenance
  • 5ujvpA6High Availability
  • 5ujvpA6Disaster Recovery Planning
  • 5ujvpA6Backup
  • 5ujvpA6Custom Monitoring Implementation
  • 5ujvpA6Daily operation and maintenance support
  • 5ujvpA6Virtualization
  • 5ujvpA6Networked surveillance camera systems



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ICT Solutions

Global ICT Europe has a comprehensive range of IT solutions, IT products and IT services. To discover which IT solutions are best for your IT environment, we will bring the needs and requirements of your IT environment in a good map.

Our ICT technology approach:

Global ICT Europe clarifies your business goals and how your IT infrastructure is supporting them.
We work with you to identify the best-fit technology solutions for your business.
Cost modelling:
We assess the initial and projected long-term costs of the solution.
We deploy your IT infrastructure solution according to best-practice protocols.
We are dedicated to keeping your IT infrastructure robust and fully-functional at all times.

Contact Global ICT Europe to discuss your ICT infrastructure requirements

ICT Management

Global ICT Europe was created because companies need clear, straightforward and easily applicable ICT management practices. As ICT is a central part of a company, it must be managed as any other strategically important function. First and foremost, business needs should govern ICT management. ICT refers to all information and communication technology within a company. ICT management in turn refers to the organization responsible for the central part of ICT operations.

We undertake the day-to-day management of selected components or your overall IT infrastructure so you can focus on building your business.

Key objectives of Service Management:

  • Uninterrupted business operations.
  • Production of agreed services cost efficiently and according to the service promise.
  • Continuous development of services, operations and cost efficiency.


Netwerk migratie
In overleg met u, zorgen wij ervoor dat uw netwerk wordt gemigreerd op het juiste moment van de nieuwste technologie van de moderne wereld. We beoordelen, ontwerpen, implementeren alle componenten van een gezonde ICT-infrastructuur. We pakken uw unieke zakelijke behoeften en processen, door het aanpassen van bepaalde onderdelen van uw IT-infrastructuur om ervoor te zorgen op volledige samenhang van systemen.


Wireless solutions
With the advent of iPads, tablets and notebooks is a good wireless network is indispensable in your organization. Working within a professional but also flexible organization requires more of a wireless network over a WiFi connection. Global ICT Europe has significant experience in integrating wireless solutions in enterprise networks without compromising security.

Global ICT Europe is your partner for your wireless solutions from A to Z. We take care of a site survey, physical placement and design, and finally management of the environment.

Storage and backup
Storage is storing of electronic data. The data is generated by users or systems. By centrally storing the data creates an infrastructure that brings a number of advantages. The current trend of virtualization servers has implications for storage, backup and archiving technology. Virtualizing servers and centralizing servers requires a decoupling of local storage.

Remote management & maintenance
We manage your network remotely so you do not have to worry. Optimal management for a fixed low monthly fee. All the activities necessary to the network and all connected devices to function properly we are working remotely, checking logs, backup procedures, virus scanners, and many other things to help ensure stability of your systems. This is combined with remote management to provide you a quickly service to in case of problems. Also managing software licenses is covered by our remote management.

Onsite management & maintenance
We will periodically visit your organization to bring to you on-site support. Checking and setting up your network security and supporting user’s requests.


High Availability
In information technology, high availability refers to a system or component that is continuously operational for a desirably long length of time. Availability can be measured relative to "100% operational" or "never failing." A widely-held but difficult-to-achieve standard of availability for a system or product is known as "five 9s" (99.999 percent) availability.

Since a computer system or a network consists of many parts in which all parts usually need to be present in order for the whole to be operational, much planning for high availability centres around backup and failover processing and data storage and access. For storage, a redundant array of independent disks (RAID) is one approach. A more recent approach is the storage area network (SAN).

Digital files are now vital importance for any organization. To avoid losing such data, a reliable backup should be created. Global ICT Europe can arrange various backup solutions for you. Online backup, disk-to-disk backup, deduplication, replication, and of course backup to tape.


Custom Monitoring Implementation
Global ICT Europe provides a complete live monitoring system for your IT environment. Admin can remotely monitor active users load on e.g. a server, live CPU and Memory usage of the network devices e.g. router, gateway and switch loads, as well as system and campaign statistics.ts.

Daily operation and maintenance support
Global ICT Europe’s experienced staff takes on the role of customer/user advocate, and is committed to delivering cost-effective support that ensures your ongoing system uptime, security, performance – and user productivity.

Disaster Recovery Planning
We implement the systems, processes, controls and policies required to ensure your data is always safe, but accessible when needed.

The development of virtualization is fast. The explosive growth of data, the continuous availability and flexibility have made ICT infrastructure complex, fragile and expensive. Through virtualization, the availability and utilization of the entire server farm sharply. Virtualization is often the answer to manage the rate of infrastructure changes and reduce costs. Hyper-v and VMware are the innovative world leaders in virtualization software. Global ICT has certified engineers in virtualization technologies. This means that we have expertise across the entire solution of Hyper-v and VMware.

Networked surveillance camera systems
For Office and Home based security we can provide networked surveillance camera systems, include installing, configuring and maintenance. The network cameras are available with high power night vision illumination so you can see what's going on in the backyard, driveway or your dark basement at night.