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Your business to the next level by optimally adjusting your IT environment. The specialists of the Global ICT Europe know how to get it done and happy to help you with that.


We are an international information technology consulting and services company. As a full service IT partner, we offer active and independent services to our relationships. We do this in a way that you will truly care-free. Our IT services focus on all businesses from smal to large, which we always offer the ideal IT solution.


We offer you assurance that you get the best out of your business gets, the appropriate structure for your IT department. Therefore we make the transition from complex to concrete solutions and give you as contact on the elusive ICT. Today, but also Tomorrow.



Optimal use of ICT to automate operations and support in carrying out their work, with better business as result.

  • 5ujvpA6Expertise
    In each area the right knowledge. Within the organization, but also in partnership.
  • 5ujvpA6Responsibility
    A nice solution over the fence throwing anyone can. Global ICT Europe opt for the long term and is always thinking of the customer`s customer.
  • 5ujvpA6People-orientation
    No walks of life. The customer is also a man with responsibilities. There you want to put an extra step.


ICT Consultancy

We make complex technologies simple for you, our services can be devided into:

  • 5ujvpA6ICT Solutions
  • 5ujvpA6ICT Security
  • 5ujvpA6ICT Management
  • 5ujvpA6Cloud computing
  • 5ujvpA6Office 365 solutions
  • 5ujvpA6VOIP solutions
  • 5ujvpA6Network migration
  • 5ujvpA6Wireless solutions
  • 5ujvpA6Storage and backup
  • 5ujvpA6Remote management & maintenance
  • 5ujvpA6Onsite management & maintenance
  • 5ujvpA6High Availability
  • 5ujvpA6Disaster Recovery Planning
  • 5ujvpA6Backup
  • 5ujvpA6Custom Monitoring Implementation
  • 5ujvpA6Daily operation and maintenance support
  • 5ujvpA6Virtualization
  • 5ujvpA6Networked surveillance camera systems